About LuxuryCars.London

LuxuryCars.London (LCL™) was envisioned and registered 9 March 2016 by Douglas Haan, a multi-category career entrepreneur, alternative investment portfolio manager, and domain name enthusiast. After years of helpful, supportive, and significant in-person industry trade-shows and showroom interviews with both individuals and dealers, LCL™ is pleased to have curated its mission to level the playing field in the new and pre-owned on-line Luxury Car selling space.

Your car should always be for sale. LCL™ exists to strip away the noise, to end the multiple re-listing frustrations of not selling a car within a fixed time period found on other platforms, and to offer a single, transparent, one-off, non-expiring advert pricing solution to individuals and dealers alike, regardless of inventory size.

LCL™ exists to help you sell your car(s) without constantly eroding your profitability, which gives you time to collect a database of interested car buyers. Sell your car when you want to sell it – not when you need to sell it.

Regardless of whether you own one car or you’re a classic car collector, you have an asset on your balance sheet, which is why we say: Always have your car for sale!